Award Winners

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Each Month, Lynch Healthcare run two awards to celebrate the achievements of our team

We Have

1) BUZZ AWARD – For going above and beyond for customers

2) IDEA AWARD – Coming up with a new idea to improve the business

….and the winners for aprils awards are as follows
Buzz Award – For going above and beyond for the customer
GLEN CARDY – We had a call from a customer on the afternoon of last thursday before the bank holiday and they were desperate to have a lap belt fitted to a shower chair before the bank holiday, glen not only had driven through to crook before but hadn’t fitted a lap belt before, this isn’t Glens area of work but he wanted to give it a go to help the customer. In addition with Glen being our apprentice this took some bottle, this also meant that glen worked over his additional working hour pattern

Idea Award – This one had to go to JULIE ADAMS! getting the slings ready for launch julie had idea after idea on how to improve my initial ideas and designs, many which have been implemented onto the slings. One which stands out in particular was the way in which julie suggested to fold and machine the binding giving a neater finish but smoother contact for the user